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Are Handmade Cigars Worth Buying?

Cigar smoking is a luxurious choice rather than an addiction. It can also be very occasion-specific with a specific type of cigars catering to a specific occasion, which allows us to indulge and enjoy with our loved ones. Premium Cigars are hand-rolled, constructed and aged for years with great care so that people can cherish them to the fullest.

                                                                                         Cigar Rolling

Premium cigars are also much harder to obtain and have become a symbol of affluence over the years. They also have a distinct flavor, strength, feel, and appearance that any other smoke cannot match. These qualities add to the pleasure of smoking them. Thus, the handmade cigars are quite expensive because the processes involved in their creation take longer than machine-made smoke. The growing, the aging and sorting, the hand labor of cigar rolling, the packaging distribution,  all make for a Laborious  and lengthy process that is different from other tobacco products in the market. Handmade cigars are an artisan's product.

                                                                                  Curing of Tobacco Leaf

If you compare cigars to cigarettes, which are much cheaper, the first point of contention is that all cigarettes are mass-produced in machines. Further, they are also made with tobacco that is cheaper to grow and also combined with several chemicals for storage, cost, and addiction. On the other hand, premium cigars are made from tobacco that has been grown with intricate care, do not use chemicals, and are hand-rolled or handmade. Cigars have a long burn  time, which can last up to an hour, as opposed to cigarettes.

One of the most coveted premium cigars are produced in countries like Dominican Republic, Honduras, Cuba and Nicaragua. For over centuries, the culture of making cigars in these countries has evolved and grown into something immense. It is a process that takes about a year, in which tobacco leaves are first grown, then harvested, and hung in drying houses. They are kept there to slowly ferment because it enhances the flavor, aroma, and burning characteristics of these cigars. Each leaf is carefully scrutinized for its type and quality and later handed to highly skilled cigar rollers, who are also greatly respected in society. Cigar leaf's have a minimum ageing of 18 months to  to 21 years.

                                                   Rocky Patel Cigar Manufacturing Unit in Nicaragua

Further, cigar cost in India is high because of high rate of import duty on cigars.  While talking about cigar cost in India, Rocky Patel said in the Economic Times, “The Indian market is a very tough one for premium cigars because the taxes are so outrageous". 
Rocky Patel is the owner of the leading premium cigar brand  Some of his best cigars can be found on our website, These premium cigars are cherished by cigar aficionados all over India, and Rocky Patel’s cigar brand has earned a reputation for itself. 

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