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Different Types of Cigar Cutters

A Cigar cutter is a mechanical device that you can use to trim one end of a cigar to smoke properly. Although it is common for cigars to sport a cut on both ends, the majority of them come with one straight cut end and one cap end.
The end where the cap is present must be cut off to avail a good smoking experience. If you are commencing your smoking experience with Cigar Conexion, you need a high-quality cigar cutter. The primary function of a cigar cutter is to puncture or remove a portion of the cap.

Here are Basic types of Cigar Cutters you should know about:

Guillotine Cutter - This cigar cutter will offer you a spotless, detailed, and straight cut. No doubt, this is a top-quality cutter that will last for a long time. It provides a comfortable grip while you are cutting the cigar. No doubt, it is an ergonomic cutter, and it sits snugly in your hand. The cuts delivered by this cutter are precise and consistent. It comes with both single blade and double blades. If you want cleaner cuts, double-bladed guillotine cutters are the better option.

V-Shaped Cutter
- If you want the best cigar cutter to get a clean and precise V-shaped cut, this is your ideal product. It is a good quality cigar cutter that will last long. The V-cut design of this cutter imparts precise cuts apt for smaller stogies. What’s more impressive about this cutter is that you can use it with a single hand. Using its specific blade, it creates a notched hole in the cigar’s head.

Punch Cutter
-  This cutter does not cut the cigar’s head. Instead, it digs a hole in the cigar with its circular blade. If you are someone who smokes thicker cigars, this is your best option. Using this cigar cutter is also quite straightforward. Make sure to create a big hole when using this cigar punch cutter; otherwise, you may find it difficult to draw from the cigar.

Final Words
So, these are the types of cigar cutters and cuts that you can use. And if you are not sure where to get them, visit Cigar Conexion, as it has unarguably one of the best collections of Cigars and their Accessories. Most importantly, Cigar Conexion operates both offline and online to serve all types of customers!

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