Founded in 2011, Cigar Conexion is the official importer of finest hand made cigars in India. Head Quartered in Bangalore, we provide an unmatched range of premium cigar brands from countries like Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicarugua.

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Rocky Patel Cigars in India

Rocky Patel Cigars in India

Rocky Patel Cigars in India is available with Cigar Conexion.  The cigars are best known for its blends, fuller and bold packaging. They are aged, well fermented and all handmade from the farms in Honduras. Rocky Patel Premium Cigars is one of the most renowned companies in the cigar business.

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The Special Edition Cigar from Rocky Patel has been awarded the #1 Cigar of the Year 2018 by Cigar and Spirits award. Vintage 1990 Cigar, The EDGE Cigar, The Decade Cigars are just a few names that has won awards. Cigar Conexion is proud to be an exclusive importer and distributor for Rocky Patel Cigars in India.

Visit Rocky Patel Cigars to see the full list in our portfolio. We can deliver anywhere in India. The brand has even samplers, in case the enthusiasts are interested in cherishing cigars with different tasting notes.


Check out the Rocky Patel Factory
Once the tobacco is upto their standards, the rolling begins. Rolling is the process of constructing the filler, binder and wrapper into a single form. All their cigars go through quality control and are boxed pressed to give a signature look.

Cigar Conexion has introduced many variants of Rocky Patel Cigars in India, with the legendary Rocky Patel himself gracing every occasion.
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